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  • Real-time data, real-time results

    Boolytics is an all-in cloud platform from Boolean for automatically capturing real-time datastreams. Boolytics allows you to capture, visualize, and analyze data from multiple automation platform in a single dashboard.

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  • Multiple datasources, any parameter

    Capture any parameter from the automation systems in your plant or building. Boolytics automatically monitors KPIs, costs, or alarm thresholds. By combining different data, valuable insights into the process can be obtained from the dashboard.

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  • Boolytics

    Our platform is capable of filtering valuable insights from the large amounts of data generated by machines and buildings. Boolytics uses a time-series database to collect and store datastreams. This allows you to gain a complete understanding of the performance of your machines and installations.

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  • Platform as a Service

    Because the platform is fully managed in the cloud, you don’t have to perform complex maintenance tasks on the servers. We capture, secure, and manage your data. If you prefer, Boolytics can also be deployed on-premises as an appliance. Even then, you get our full support to keep the system operational.

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